Beginners’ Zero to 5km

If you are thinking of taking up running, then Run Barca is here to help you with our Zero to 5km focused beginners’ programme.

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We understand that it can be daunting for somebody who has never run before to take up the sport. And we know from experience that many running clubs and groups are not so great at catering for beginners and tend to be more focused on quick and seasoned, experienced runners.

At Run Barca, we are committed to helping you take your first steps towards catching the running bug. We’ll help you put in place a realistic training plan to get you to your 5km goal within 6-8 weeks, if not sooner. We’ll also teach you:

  • How to run as efficiently as possible and help you maintain good form which makes it easier to run for longer periods with less effort;
  • How to warm up safely to help you stay injury-free and minimise aches and strains;
  • Training drills and exercises to sharpen your performance that you can work on either during the session or in your own time;
  • How to breathe properly while running;
  • Motivational techniques to keep you focused and on-track; and
  • Safe warm-down exercises and post-run stretches which help minimise stiffness and injury
Why take up running?

Good question. But the answer is even better because the benefits of running are well-documented. We set out just a few of the benefits below:

  • Healthier heart and better circulation;
  • Weight loss and calorie / fat burn;
  • Combats stress and anxiety;
  • Sleep and mental health benefits;
  • Stronger leg and core muscles;
  • Develops a stronger immune system meaning fewer minor illnesses.
Beginners’ sessions

After helping you set out a realistic training plan, we can help you train as much or as little as you like. Some people may prefer to do most of their training on their own; others enjoy having a trainer alongside them as they move through their plan. It’s up to you.

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Our typical training sessions last up to an hour and are charged at €20 per hour. Alternatively, you can book a block of six sessions in advance for €100.

We also operate a ‘bring a friend‘ option where a second person can join the sessions for half price (€30 p/h for two people or €150 for a block of six sessions for two people).

Want to arrange a session or find out more information? Get in touch with us here: Contact or email